North East Westchester Special Recreation

January 16, 2018 to May 5, 2018


Each participant in a North East program must have a current Participant Information Form on file. Participants presently enrolled in a North East program may register using the Program Registration Form below.

Registration for in-district residents begins immediately and ends on December 30th. Participants are enrolled in programs on a first-come, first-served basis. Many of our programs fill quickly so please register as soon as possible. Registration for out-of-district residents begins on January 4th. You may send your registration to us prior to that date and we will hold it until the 2nd. At that time, out-of-district residents will be accepted in the order the registrations were received by our office, as room permits.

While North East is able to provide transportation for several programs, please consider car pooling and para-transit when possible. Due to the number of requests, we are able to provide transportation to central locations only.

If you are late, we have to pay our staff for the time they must wait with participants after program. For this reason, we reserve the right to charge $10 for every 15 minutes you are late in picking up in order to attempt to cover some of our staff costs.

Persons applying to a North East Program for the FIRST TIME must go through our initial intake process. This includes completion of a Participant Information Form and personal consultation with one of our full time staff to examine and plan for the program needs of the applicant and his/her family. At least every three years thereafter, consultations may be arranged to review the needs and interests of each participant and his/her family.

At least every three years thereafter, consultations may be arranged to review the needs and interests of each participant and his/her family. However, additional consultations may be promptly scheduled when a specific concern or difficulty has been identified.

We are continually assessing our programs and our participants' needs. We reserve the right to change and/or recommend placement as we deem appropriate, although we will discuss this with those involved, the final decision will be with North East.


We would like to support your child’s interest in participating in your local community recreation department programs. We would be available to: assess the appropriateness of an intended placement into program, visit the participant at the program to ensure continued success, or consider providing a staff member to attend the program with the participant for a limited time.

A moderate fee structure exists for most programs. These fees are a small percent of our actual program costs. All program fees must be paid in full with the enclosed registration form unless you have been approved for a payment plan. When necessary, payment schedules may be arranged, and partial scholarships are available on a limited basis to those participants in the North East district. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship or payment plan, please call our office immediately to request the necessary paperwork.


Unfortunately we will have to charge you $20.00 for any checks returned to us for insufficient funds. This is the fee we incur from the bank for this error.

If a program needs to be cancelled, normally due to poor weather conditions, an announcement will be made on WHUD 100.7. You may also access this information by calling our office. If a cancellation must be made "at the last minute", we will attempt to call all program participants. If a program is cancelled we will attempt to reschedule it if possible.

* Cash refunds will be issued when: a program is cancelled before it begins due to insufficient enrollment.
* A participant is on a waiting list
* Medical reasons cause the participant to stop attending the program. A physician’s note is requested to verify the illness.
* In the event that the participant attended the program prior to requesting a refund, a prorated portion of the program fee will be refunded.

North East In-House Programs are Peanut free.
This means that peanut butter sandwiches and other peanut products should not be sent to our programs. We have a number of participants who are extremely allergic to these foods and we are interested in their safety. Since we cannot regulate the outside world, if your son/daughter is expected to be in the community with us and has this allergy, please send their epiPen.

Please keep the following things in mind when sending your son/daughter to North East programs:
• Please label items of clothing, when possible.
• Please refrain from having your son/daughter bring expensive electronics to program. We cannot be responsible for items if they are lost or broken. In addition, we would like your son/daughter to be involved in our activities rather than their devices.
• If your son/daughter is on a restricted diet, please send any special food or beverages to program with them.
• Please do not have your son/daughter bring medication to program in their backpack. All medication must be given to one of the full-time staff.
• Please be sure to let us know, in writing, if someone other than yourself is going to pick your son/daughter up from a program. They must have an ID with them.
• Please notify us if there is a change in your son/daughter’s medication or they have newly diagnosed allergies.
• Please let us know if we can improve upon our services. We like to do a good job!
• Please continue to bring them to North East! We enjoy spending time with them!

Download (right-click, save and print) the following forms (as needed) in PDF format.
You may also be able to fill in the forms on your computer and then print them.
[These forms may be faxed or mailed in; credit card information may be called in to our office.]
[You will need Adobe Reader - click on this logo to get it]

Individual Registration and Credit card form
Medical Authorization

Saturday Programs
Adult Trips
Adult Weekends
Special Olympics Schedule

(except 2/20, 4/3)
(all disabilities
15+ $275

Transport: $142


WARC pick-up (only) 3:00;
pick-up 3:00, return 6:00
NE return only 6:00
Join us for a program that not only offers training for Special Olympics Bowling, but a chance to socialize with friends and teammates. Bowlers will receive monthly average certificates.

*Participants must have current Special Olympics Parental and Medical forms in order to compete in the Special Olympics competition.

Snack bar is available or send a snack. Space is limited.

Bowling takes place from 3:45-5:30. Please be ready to bowl at that time.  Bowlers arriving after 4:30 will miss the first game.
(except 2/21, 4/4)
Team Sports
15+ $240

BGC Aspects of this program are specifically planned to provide a positive, encouraging atmosphere. We work to improve qualities of sportsmanship as well as self-confidence and self-esteem.

The first hour is spent in the gym working to improve skills in various individual and team sports. Those sports include: Floor Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, and Track & Field.
(except 2/21, 4/4)
Aquatics Training
15+ $170

BGC This hour of the program is held in the pool where we provide instructional swim. Staff work on teaching correct swimming skills and building endurance.

If you register for any of the Special Olympics Programs, a Special Olympics Consent and Medical Form will be sent to you if your forms need to be updated. These forms MUST be completed to allow for participation at Special Olympics events. Competitions take place on Saturdays in both Team and Skills Sports.
(except 1/25, 2/22, 4/5)
Skills Training
15+ $180

Leonard Park Gym, Mt. Kisco

No trans-portation for this program.
Come one, come all ! This program is specifically designed for those of you who are interested in learning a new sport and for those that wish to continue building your skills in floor hockey, basketball, and track & field.

This program not only focuses on skill building in sports, but also promotes physical fitness, good sportsmanship and positive community interactions.

North East will host an in-house Special Olympics floor hockey competition for all participants to compete.

Teamwork, good sportsmanship, success, and fun keep our program exciting and enjoyable for our athletes.

*Participants must have current Special Olympics Parental & Medical Forms.
2/9, 3/9, 4/13

(No admission before 6:45)
North East Nite Club

16+ $10
at the door

American Legion The Nite club is an evening of music, dancing, making new friends and just having fun. Music is provided by a professional D.J.

Refreshments will be served at each dance and participants are provided with a giveaway to take home.

Sorry, bathrooms are not wheel chair accessible.

Reservations are required in advance due to space limitations, so please respond to the office as soon as you receive your flyer.

2/9: Valentine's Dance
3/9: St. Patricks Day Celebration
4/13: Earth Day
1/19, 2/9, 3/16, 4/20
10-16 $100

NCCC Come on over to North East for dessert!

After having dinner at home, come and have a delicious dessert with your friends at North East. TGIF is a great way for our teens and preteens to get together and have fun.... so sign up and get ready to party! The goals of this program are to work on refining social skills and fostering independence.

1/19: Winter Wonderland
2/9: Special Sweetheart
3/16: Get Your Irish On
4/20: Mad Scientist Wanted
3/2, 4/6, 5/11
Dinner &
A Movie
10-16 $105

NCCC Lights, Camera, Action !

Spend a Friday night with your friends. Learn to prepare a meal from soup to nuts, then sit down and enjoy a movie.

We will be working on developing the skills needed to prepare a meal, clean up the area and demonstrate appropriate table manners. Dinner conversations will be encouraged.

After enjoying our meal, we will work on our money skills as we pay the cashier with play money to enter the movie.

1/20- 4/28
(except 2/17, 2/24, 3/31)
12+ $240

BHC It’s a full day of fun and laughs for all to enjoy. Bring your lunch and join the gang as we kick off this program for the New Year! There will be crafts to make, dances to learn, games to play, food to cook and much more…..

Participants will be appropriately grouped by age and ability.
1/20- 5/5
(except 2/17, 2/24, 3/31)
Making & Moving Saturday
9+ $180

[New location]

Pick-up (only) 9:00;
Participants will be split into age appropriate groups which will allow them to engage in some fun and stimulating activities. Every Saturday, each participant will make an arts and crafts project and participate in a musical activity with our music therapist! What better way to spend a Saturday morning than engage in group games and activities?

All participants are welcome to stay and enjoy a bag lunch with their friends. Registered See the Sights participants will leave for an afternoon group adventure!

[The music therapist position is made possible thanks to the generosity of the Somers Lions Club!]
Elective following Making & Moving

1/20- 5/5
(except 2/17, 2/24, 3/31)
See the Sights
9+ $276

Local Community

*Limited Enrollment*

Return only:
MK 3; Bradhurst 3:30
Come and spend your afternoons with us and explore our beautiful county! We will be taking trips into the community where we will experience some of the local nature centers, scenic trails and bowling. We will strive to foster independence and practive everyday social interaction skills! Come and enjoy a fun filled session!

Space is limited and this program does fill quickly. Please note that there is limited wheelchair space. Transportation is provided from Making & Moving to the planned activity.
(except 2/17, 2/24, 3/31)

*2/10 and 4/7 are evening programs*
Fantastic Friends On The Move
13-25 $440

pick-up 9am; return 3:30;
pick-up 9:30; return 3pm.
Young adults rule ! This transitional program prepares teens for adult programs and beyond. The program is a mix of travel, sports, leisure, activities and education. The "Friends" program works to foster independence, life skills and socialization with peers. We hope to build skills that will stay with our young adults throughout their lives. Participants in the program have the opportunity to compete in Special Olympics competitions and also attend an overnight camp out!! There will be trips to the Mall, a hockey game, a basketball game, the Statue of Liberty, museums and much more. Sign up now !!
Participants need to bring lunch.

PLEASE NOTE times for the day are dependent on the trip. You will receive an e-mail and flyer each week with all info for the trip.

* Participants in this program MUST be able to succeed with a 4:1 ratio of participants to staff (including visits to public rest rooms)
* If you are interested in attending the camp out on 3/17, there will be a separate fee of $75. Also, medications must be in the office by 3/14 in order for you to attend the camp out.
(except 2/17, 2/24, 3/31)

*4/21 and 5/5 are Special Olympics events in other locations*
Fun Time
8+ $180

[New location]
Spend your Saturday morning with some friends! It is a great time to see some old friends or make some new ones. Let’s have some fun while learning new things. There will be something for everyone: music, art activities, Special Olympics training, games and other fun activities.

* Special Olympics Medical and Consent Forms are Required
* Lunch will be from 12–12:30 for all who participate in the elective. Please pack a bag lunch for your child.
* The elective will follow lunch.

North East will provide  transportation to electives. Space is very limited, so out of district youngsters may be placed on a waiting list.

3/10: Junior Basketball Competition
4/21: Time Trials-Peekskill
5/5: Spring Games (West Point)
(except 2/17, 2/24)
Electives Following Fun Time SESSION I.

Rock & Roll Bowl
10+ $180


Return only
Come and enjoy a fun and exciting afternoon with your friends at Jefferson Valley Bowl. We will develop our skills, socialize with friends and have fun! While doing all that, we are developing a leisure hobby that we may enjoy into adulthood.

*Snack is available for purchase. Staff will assist participants to work on their ordering and purchasing skills. Please send $$ in a labeled envelope.

*Limited enrollment - first come, first serve for both In and Out of District participants.
(except 3/31, 4/21)
Electives Following Fun Time SESSION II.

Scribbles & Nature
10+ $160

Ardsley & Community
Return only
For three weeks of this session, we are thrilled to again offer a program at Scribbles Art Workshop in Dobbs Ferry. Our participants will explore art in a different way. They will start with the understanding of art materials and how they feel. They will then learn how to use these materials to make a final product that they will bring home.

The remaining three weeks, we will be back outside putting some Spring in our step. Just in time for the good weather, we will do some light hiking to promote general fitness and enjoy nature and the great outdoors.

*Limited enrollment - first come, first serve for both In and Out of District participants.
(except 2/17, 2/24, 3/31
Ready, Set, Play
4-8 $190

We made the program longer! Please note the new times!

The Ready, Set, Play Program offers a wide variety of activities including arts and crafts, music and group games. These activities will encourage participants to develop additional social skills, improve coordination, and engage in interactive play while building confidence and most importantly, HAVING FUN.

Adult Trips
[Trip details will be provided by calling the office during the week of the trip]
Pick-up & Drop-off locations for the adult Saturday trips are at the Mt. Kisco Stop & Shop and Bradhurst office. You MUST register for each trip. Limited space available. Call the office the week of the trip for pick-up, drop-off times, and other details. Program fee due with this registration!
1/20 Cooking & Dancing
15+ $40

BHC What could be better than a little cooking, a little dancing and spending time with your friends? Learn some new recipes to help get through the long, cold winter and warm up with some new dance steps from our visiting dance instructor.
2/3 The Addams Family Show
15+ $45

Tarrytown Music Hall Join us in seeing that loveable family of creepy kooks, the Addams Family Performance by the Random Farm Kids.
2/10 Westchester Knicks Basketball Game
15+ $50

WCC We are off to see our local Knicks basketball team take on the Delaware 87ers at the Westchester County Center. This is a 5pm game. We will provide snacks before the game and you can bring dinner or money to buy food at the game.
3/10 Mall and Movies
15+ $45

Palisades Mall It is a tradition! Join us as we travel to the Palisades Mall for a day of shopping, a movie and of course lunch, which you can bring or purchase at the mall. We love hanging at the mall!
3/17 Day at Blue Mountain
15+ $45

Blue Mountain Come join us for a day of outdoor games/activities and fun! Spend the day at Blue Mountain Reservation! We will make s'mores, hot chocolate and take a brisk hike. If you like the outdoors, this trip is for you!
3/24 Statue of Liberty Cruise
15+ $50

NYC Join us for an exciting cruise that will take us up close to the beautiful Lady Liberty and Ellis Island. Pack your cameras for what is sure to be a spectacular day.
4/7 Bridgeport Sound Tigers
15+ $50

Bridgeport A North East Favorite! Come root on the Bridgeport Sound Tigers as they take the ice against the Providence Bruins at 7pm. A pizza dinner will be provided before the game. A great time for all!
4/14 Bear Mountain State Park
15+ $40

Bear Mountain Come enjoy a day at the beautiful Bear Mountain State Park. We will visit the zoo, hike around the lake, enjoy a picnic lunch and ride the carousel.
4/28 Garden Party
15+ $45

TBD Definitely more PARTY than gardening! Join us for arts and crafts, planting, and a visit from some animal friends. Lunch will be provided. Please wear clothes that you can get dirty.

Weekend Away Trip to Hershey
Thursday, May 10-Sunday, May 13; Ages 16+. We are off to Hershey, PA for four days ! We will be going to Hershey Park, Hershey Chocolate World, Zoo America and so much more. It is sure to be a sweet trip.

*Previous overnight experience with North East is required for this trip.

Fee: $600 / $100 deposit is due with this registration.

Hudson Valley Special Olympics Schedule
[Spectators are welcome !]
12/16/17 Floor Hockey Team NYC
1/27/18 Floor Hockey Team Area Event Yonkers
2/1/18 Floor Hockey Skills Mt. Pleasant
2/23/18-2/25/18 SONY Winter Games Rochester
3/3/18 Basketball Team and Skills Area Event Somers
3/24/18 Aquatics Area Event White Plains
4/21/18 Time Trials Area Event Peekskill
5/5/18 Spring Games Area Event West Point
6/15/18-6/17/18 SONY Summer Games Albany

ASD Autistic
ADD Attention Deficit Disorder
DD Developmentally Disabled
MH Multiply Handicapped
NI Neurologcally impaired
PDD Pervasive Developmental Disorder

(for all driving directions,
see this page
AL American Legion
85 E. Main St Mt. Kisco (914) 241-0136
BGC Mt. Kisco Boys & Girls Club
351 Main St., Mt. Kisco
(914) 666-8069>
BHC Bedford Hills Community House
7 Church St., Bedford Hills
(914) 666-9057
BHE Bedford Hills Elementary School
123 Babbitt Rd
Bedford Hills, NY
HR Holy Rosary Elementary
180 Bradhurst Avenue, Hawthorne.
(914) 769-0030
JVB Jefferson Valley Bowling
3699 Hill Boulevard
Yorktown, NY (914) 245-7771
MK Mt. Kisco Stop & Shop
Route 117 & Preston Way
MPCC Mt. Pleasant Community Ctr.
121 Lozza Dr. Valhalla.
(914) 769-0155
NCC New Castle Community Center
Chappaqua (914) 238-8888
NE North East Special Recreation
63 Bradhurst Ave. Hawthorne
(914) 347-4409
PBY Pinesbridge BOCES Yorktown
200 BOCES Drive, Yorktown Heights
(914) 245-2700
PRC Pleasantville Rec. Center
359 Bedford Rd, Pleasantville
STH St. Theresa School
300 Dalmeny Road, Briarcliff Manor
WARC Westchester Assoc. for Retarded Citizens
Ann Manzi Center
699 Main Street, Mt. Kisco.
WCC Westchester County Center,
198 Central Ave., White Plains.

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